I’m Cristina, married with 25 and Marcus, a self-made millionaire. He was a nobody, when we got married 5 years ago, and found me attractive then with my flat nose, wide rump, breasts, round, golden curls and eyes gray as glass. He is 20 years older than me and very hard working. Before we married, he touch your money and pay a fortune for our slap- up reception in an elegant country house in North London. Now he is gaining a financier and businessman with money to spend but not obsessed. He is very stingy with my two allowances and their conjugal duties. My only weakness is that I am a shopaholic and has recently received debt. I desperately need to resolve my account before another murder will learn or inflammation of the crime figures. ampland do not live in a mansion, as you would a rich man, but in a cozy three-bed semi -think in Pinner. Our neighbor is Andy, a wealthy 30-year -old lawyer. A title which has recently inherited a considerable estate. ° MarcusInk in the world of him and gets a lot of free legal assistance when they meet in the bar, where Andy plays the piano. Marcus says Andy is gay for the whole 5 years we have lived in Pinner was no sign of a girlfriend. Marcus is a very jealous person but believes that Andy is pretty harmless to me talk. Marcus was gone, some machines in Amsterdam for three days to make one of these my birthday. I promised myself not to forget, however, was very mysterious. Andy Marcus called it a day to see the left like me. I took my feelings for him and I know he called wealthy, if he would loan £ 300 to pay my debts. I had no idea whether I would be able to ampland pay. Andy said do not worry about the money, you can contact me with your presence in my house where I will be celebrating their 26th Year a good meal to pay. on the night of my birthday I showered, put on some perfume and expensive clothes and driving cream Chanel dressnd went off. Andy I’m proud with a delicious meal and two bottles of Krug Vintage. After dinner, when I asked for the money they gave me a hug, and I noticed a different glow in their flight zone. The money went into his pocket and thanked returned the hug, a kiss on the lips. They were so soft and sensual, I had another. This time, he said, and now there was no doubt about his erection. Marcus was so busy recently and had lost badly. Andy Answer me hot as hell. We ampland went into a melee, where the dress unbuttoned flop 900 pounds for the soil. I removed his shirt exposing a hairy chest. I raised all 8 stones at me and took me down the stairs. I was half drunk from the champagne and play for nothing. Soon we were naked and we got into the silk sheets on her bed and exploring every inch of the body of another. His hands were as soft as ampland a girl. His penis throbbed against my leg. It was thick, uncut, in contrast to Marcus’. Andy was gently massaging my clitoris all my organs feel very tender and sensitive. I was desperate for me that came in, but still managed a massage. Marcus did not bother about hearing, it is too impetuous. As far touch of Andy felt a great feeling flows through me. I was with my clitoral orgasm first. Kicked me so gently at first, especially because my vagina wet tingling his foreskin moving back and forth with each thrust. His hairy chest stroked my swollen nipples and I was very turned on. Suddenly, ampland he shot his sperm inside me like bullets from a repeating rifle. I came immediately. This wonderful man gave me a bucket of joy and 300 pounds in trade. Marcus returned the next night. He was unusually cheerful and horny. We love his sperm impetuous months blows me. “It was my birthday,” he said. ” No, I Chrissie. Do not tease you see Andy? He gave £ 300 for you to have a specialnding Spree and remember me in my absence “,” Yes Andy gave me the money, “he replied,” and believe me the pleasure that I was going to happen did was indescribable. ”

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